Subdivision Consulting


Our Services

Subdivision Consulting is a service we provide to developers that are planning on selling new homes or vacant lots in California. There are many complicated steps that need to be taken by a developer with the State before new homes or vacant lots can be sold in California. We provide expert guidance through these steps using our vast knowledge and solution based approach.

We specialize in getting new housing developments approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) for sale. In most cases, BRE’s approval is needed in order to sell new homes or vacant lots. We assist in the preparation of the paperwork needed to get the process started. We then we use our knowledge of the process and people involved to provide solutions for any complications that may arise.

We also prepare the initial budgets for the operation of homeowner associations that may be needed as part of the BRE approval process. Our knowledge and expertise in Community Management is used to assist us in the preparation of these budgets. We prepare our budgets not only to get approval through the BRE, but also to make sure they stand the practical test of time.

VierraMoore is rare and unique – we offer complete Subdivision Consulting services, Budget preparation and Community Management expertise under one roof. Documents are thoroughly reviewed, not only for today, but also for tomorrow. This means a minimum number of deficiencies at BRE, which, in turn, means maximum efficiency. It is our goal to process documents on an average, one-third faster than standard procedures.

The company team has over 50 years combined experience in the industry. The professional staff at VierraMoore is selected with attention to a specialization in the field of real estate and title insurance or escrow-related backgrounds, creating a strength of organization that is virtually unmatched in the industry.

General Processing

The Bureau of Real Estate requires an application and a variety of supporting documents be filed with them in order to obtain a Final Public Report, or “white report.” Without this Report, vacant lots/new homes cannot be offered for sale or lease. VierraMoore thoroughly and accurately compiles all necessary documentation in a timely manner, which greatly reduces processing time. This helps prevent costly delays.


When a common interest subdivision is created, management documents (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation), must be prepared for the control and operation of the Homeowner’s Association. VierraMoore has a relationship with a number of attorneys who maintain pre-approved skeleton documents with the Bureau of Real Estate that are then tailored to the specific development. This insures expedient processing of each project.

Homeowner’s Association – Budget Preparation

The Bureau of Real Estate requires that Developers submit and gain their approval for proposed operating budgets in common interest subdivisions. VierraMoore prepares the necessary operating budgets for the Association, which is an integral component of the project. Our many years of BRE budget preparation along with our many years of Community Management insure we have the knowledge to prepare these budgets properly.

Homeowner Association Start-up

Many times the homeowners association created is too small for it to be economical to employ a manager. VierraMoore offers its knowledge and experience to help these small associations get off on the right foot. We can aid in the setup and conducting of the first meeting insuring that all the necessary paperwork and accounting pieces are in place.